Nashville, Tennessee - 8.19.14 x/x

Nashville, Tennessee - 8.19.14 x/x


30 years from now i may be able to go a day w/out thinking about 1d but if that happened they’d release a reunion album and i’d have to pack up and leave my family

NEW Harry imagine:)

finally posted a new harry imagine/one shot! read it here:

don’t have too much fun without me!

much love,

Anna Beth

Anonymous sent: Hiii do you have any suggestions on good imagines/one shot style fanfic on here or wattpad? 

hey love! honestly I don’t read that much fanfiction, so I’m probably not the best to ask for recs. anyone else know of any?

if you want to check mine out, you can find them here:)


Guy proposing at the concert tonight! (via insider)

"It’s great to see you happy and I wish you all the best"
- Louis Tomlinson after the proposal (via wwadirectory)

Zayn’s reaction


Zayn’s reaction

FULL VIDEO - #1DProposal